NJAL prides itself in its products. We offer all the components of large national labs, but the focus of
a small lab in both project management and communication. Using NJAL’s MYLAB, our clients can log
in to check the status of any project starting the day the samples come to the lab. Often times the
data is complete at no extra charge to our clients and available using MYLAB. Our final products
range from Data summaries to full packages with electronic reportable formatted data specific for
NJDEP. NJAL maintains an unmatched level of response to rush work. We pride ourselves on meeting
short hold times, regardless of the requirement. Our unique location allows us to provide better
response, where larger labs fail.

NJAL produces a variety of report media to present our laboratory results. All of our data are
presented on a certificate of analysis and electronic pdf as a standard. All data can be developed into
reduced or full deliverable packages on request and NJDEP Electronic deliverable for submission.
Commercial clients can opt to set up an online account to access their data online via NJAL’s My Lab
data portal. This option allows our client to view their results online as soon as they are complete.
NJAL operates on a standard 2 week turnaround time, based on current lab workloads. NJAL provides
same day rush services for samples coordinated for this program and currently has repeating projects

The following options are choices for reporting:

  • My lab online report access
  • Data archival
  • Electronic Data Deliverables NJDEP
  • PDF
  • Level 1,2,3 deliverables
  • Data Diskettes
  • Online submissions for NJDEP-PWS programs
  • Online submissions for NJDEP-PWTA programs