Using a Commercial Laboratory Helps You Maintain Industrial Hygiene

If your company wants to maintainpermit compliance,you need to
meet NJDEP regulations with chemical testing.Using someone on
your regular staff to handle this process in addition to their normal duties, like a plant manager, might seem like a great way to increase efficiency – but it can lead to huge problems.

There’s an incredible amount to keep track of – discharge permits, storm water testing, regulatory limits – and often internal workers find that meeting compliance is too difficult with the limited resources they have available to them. Neglecting
chemical testing for even a short period of time can be the difference between permit compliance and getting a costly

That’s where New Jersey Analytical Laboratories comes in. We are a commercial laboratory that understands exactly what needs to happen for your company to meet NJDEP regulations.

Chemical Testing from NJAL Will Help You Stay Compliant

We have experience in a variety of lab testing services, including chemical testing, storm water sampling, plant discharges, and
industrial hygiene. When you couple this with our clear understanding of NJDEP regulations, it allows us to make sure your company gets the discharge permits it needs and maintains permit compliance over time.

We pay very close attention to limits, and will let you know
whenever the runoff from your discharged chemicals is approaching
a violation. This will enable you to take the steps you need to
handle any issues caused by unexpected changes in the process
stream before they become a real problem.And because our
results are so timely,we can provide additional storm watersampling to get your average down to the accepted limits.

Pharmaceutical, Food, and Beverage Chemical Testing

If you need chemical testing done due to general food safety concerns or for routine quality control, NJAL is here to help. We routinely use EPA-recognized procedures to perform investigative chemical, metal, organic, inorganic, and microbiological analysis for foods and products.

In order to get the best possible results, our commercial laboratory uses a variety of instruments in the testing process, including:

  • GC
  • GCMS
  • IC
  • Leachate
  • Extraction
  • Sonication
  • Reflux
  • And many more!

These instruments can be called upon at any time to support chemical testing and ensure accurate results for your business.
If you’d like further information on our food and product testing services, contact NJAL today so that we can go into more
detail about your specific needs.

Environmental Analysis in NJAL Commercial Laboratory Chemical Testing

No company wants to become involved in suspected environmental contamination, but sometimes problems occur that are out of your immediate control. If you find yourself in this position, it is likely that you will be required to engage in environmental sampling –
including storm water sampling – both during the investigation itself
and also throughout the subsequent remediation.

NJAL commercial laboratory’s environmental testing lab can help with laboratory analysis of surface water, storm water, soil samples, or groundwater monitoring wells. We pride ourselves on providing timely test results while still helping you to stay within your budget.

For years,the NJAL Analytical Lab has been well-respected for
offering commercial laboratoryservices of the highest quality to private businesses and corporations, consulting firms,
municipalities, and engineers. By providing the chemical testing data from our laboratory, we allow companies to make sound
environmental clean-up decisions that are based on measurable results.

NJAL commercial laboratory’s comprehensive environmental chemical testing includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Wet Chemistry
  • Metals
  • Microbiology

Our chemical testing methods always comply with strict quality assurance programs and accreditations, and the friendly and knowledgeable office staff is happy to answer any questions you have about our services after your report is electronically
sent to you.

Wastewater testing needed to get your NPDES permit can also be handled by our NJAL Analytical Lab, including dealing with the rental of any sampling equipment that is required. Spend water treatment media and other materials can also be tested so that you continue following all current environmental disposal regulations and maintain permit compliance.

A One-Stop Shop for Chemical Testing and NJDEP Permit Compliance

Because everyone on our staff is so knowledgeable about NJDEP regulations and the permit compliance requirements, we have the expertise you need in all areas of environmental chemical testing – plant-processed water, drinking water, storm
water, ground water, well monitoring, and soil remediation.

There’s no need to hire separate companies to handle each individual test. No matter what industry you’re in, NJAL is the
one-stop chemical testing shop designed to support your efforts to maintain industrial hygiene.

NJAL is a Commercial Laboratory performing Chemical Testing.We work with many Industries in Certification of Compliance for NJDEP regulations. Chemical analysis of discharge levels helps clients maintain permit compliance.