Analytical Laboratory Services

The State of New Jersey has the most rigorous certification program in the United States. New Jersey Analytical Laboratories
(NJAL) has been a certified testing lab under this program for over 12 years.

We maintain the highest level of analytical laboratory servicesand response to our client commitments in all areas of 
environmental testing. Our testing lab provides testing services in air, water and soil for all programs associated with the
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). We have specifically focused on the NJDEP Site Remediation
and Ground Water Quality Programs, obtaining key certifications, staff and equipment to service the rigorous testing
requirements of this industry and strict changing regulations.

Our New Jersey Commercial Analytical Laboratory Services are organized
to support production processes in the areas of products, materials and
environmental testing . Production and processing creates environmental demands to confirm purity of raw materials and even the water supporting
ancillary process associated with line of production. Items such as water for
cooling, bottling and the effluent discards all have environmental testing
requirements where these demands have to be met in a timely fashion-
without fail.

NJAL provides onsite sampling and monitoring throughout NJ and provides a complete array of laboratory field services. We take pride in meeting the needs of our customers from experienced technical sales and responsive project management support to legally defensible data that is
 managed through our online reporting system.

NJAL is a certified testing lab NJ that understands the unique requirements
of the pharmaceutical industry by providing technical expertise and facilities
that enable you to bring products to meet all quality standards with technical
support assets such as:

  • Method Development/Method Validation
  • Method Verification
  • Raw Material Testing
  • Method Validation

NJAL offers microbiology services for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of products, packaging and the manufacturing environment. We provide the following microbiological services to support industries:

  • Process Water Testing
  • Disinfectant Testing
  • On-Site Sampling

To further protect and serve our clients and staff, NJAL is committed to
safety. Field testing activities and working in a multitude of client settings
creates a unique safety challenge. We exceed the safety needs and
programs of our clients while on-site. Our services Include:

  • Waste water, Groundwater, Drinking Water Monitoring
  • Storm water, Surface Water Monitoring
  • Soil and Waste Sampling

NJAL is a full-service contract analytical testing laboratory providing Trace Chemical, Organic, Metals and microbiology
testing services
 to the pharmaceutical, process, food, medical, and production industries. Our Services Include:

  • Methods development
  • Raw material testing
  • Chemical characterization
  • Microbial enumeration, environmental monitoring and basic microbial identification.
  • Potability
  • Trace Contaminants
  • Process diagnosis
  • Corrosivity


NJAL provide potable water testing services for the analysis of various
contaminants and to ensure safe drinking water under all regulatory
programs with a keen focus on communication, management of specific
client needs and expectations.

Certified Testing Lab

New Jersey Analytical Laboratories, a fully certified testing lab, was
founded in 1999 by a teams of field experienced scientist with the mission
statement that everyone should have access to “safe” drinking water,
regardless of where they live. As we have grown, so has our list of clients
which include industry Government installations, The Departments of
the Army, Navy and Airforce, City public works departments, private water
companies, public school systems, Large and small businesses.

New Jersey Analytical Laboratories has vast Commercial capabilities 
specializing in plant permit testing for any application.

Our project management staff ensures that the best-qualified laboratory professional coordinates each job. Our project management team will orchestrate field services, report deliverables, turn-around time and our cost/value-added services with a designated manager, not multiple departments.

NJAL has invested in the most technologically advanced laboratory equipment and data systems that expand the full extent of
the environmental needs in the industry. NJAL services residential and commercial clientele alike in the areas of drinking
water, wastewater, site remediation, LSRP and cleanup. This places NJAL in a position to completely support all projects, from
soil remediation, ground water sampling to potable testing services.

NJAL provides a range of Analytical Laboratory Services. Our certified testing labs are state-of-the-art.