• New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
  • US Small Business Administration
  • Small Business and Industry Association
  • Mercer County Chamber of Commerce
  • New Jersey Small Business Association
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Chemical Society

NJDEP Programs-Drinking Water:

  • PWTA                  Private Well Testing Act
  • PWS                    Public Water Supply, large and small systems
  • SDWA                 Safe Drinking Water Act
  • NJDEP-ECA       Spill Compensation Act (spill fund)

NJDEP Programs-Waste Water:

  • NPDES               National Pollution Discharge Elimination System
  • CWA                    Clean Water Act

NJDEP Programs-Ground Water and Soils:  

  • SRP                   Site Remediation
  • RCRA                Resource Conservation Recovery Act
  • ISRA                  Industrial Site Remediation Act
  • UST                   Underground Storage Tank
  • CERCLA           Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation Liability act