Allen F. Thomas- Partner – President, New Jersey Analytical Laboratories
Allen Thomas has been a leader in the environmental analytical community for over 25 years and founded NJAL in 1999. He
is an integral part of the development of over 500 certifications NJAL has attained and maintained with no deficiencies since
its inception. Allen’s focus currently is the oversight of the organic analysis, data management, business management and
development of New Jersey Analytical Laboratories. Allen will continue to add more certifications this upcoming year to
support a multi state certification program in all service areas.

George R. Latham III – Partner – Director, New Jersey Analytical Laboratories
George Latham co-founded New Jersey Analytical Laboratories in 1999. George contributes over 25 years of experience in
the laboratory environment specializing in Conventional Chemical, Advance Metals and Organic Analysis. As part of the NJAL
team George over sees all regulatory issues from field services to limits and changes in regulation in the areas of UST, PWTA,
and NPDES. George will continue to focus on the operations and internal development of NJAL. Most recently George has
developed certifications in ICP-MS to support our drinking and wastewater communities and clients.

Susan McGrady – Quality Assurance Officer
Susan McGrady has been in the role of QA officer for several firms over the course of her 30 years of experience in the
industry and has been with NJAL since 2000. Susan oversees the quality of the data produced by NJAL and is responsible for
the report production. Susan oversees NJAL’s internet reporting program and the coordination of subcontracted lab testing.
Her areas of expertise include conventional chemistry, metals and microbiology.

Stephen Witkowski – Organic Chemistry
Stephen Witkowski oversees the organic analytical program of New Jersey Analytical Laboratories. Mr. Witowski  has been
with NJAL since 2009 and has contributed greatly to soil certifications in the areas of semi-volatile organic compound analysis,
DRO/OQA QAM25, and pesticides analysis to support the UST programs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. His current focus
is the addition of SIM and Dioxin analysis and soil extraction protocols.